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1st Humbug / Deadsalmon #1   5974/1969

L. BURR BELDEN / Gone to the Golden Hills

First humbug of Billy Holcomb Chapter and one of the charter members. He was a well-known Southern California historian, newspaperman and editor of the San Bernardino Sun, American Legion District 21 Commander 1935,1936, President of the Death Valley 49ers, and author. Burr was originally a Platrix Clamper. 


2nd Humbug / Deadsalmon #2 

5975 / 1970

Lou Homer / Gone to the Golden Hills

Local Businessman owning a liquor store on "E" Street in San Bernardino. He was originally a Platrix Clamper. He was a Charter Member.



3rd Humbug / Deadsalmon #3   5976 / 1971

Bill Daniels / Gone to the Golden Hills

Bill was a salesman of beauty supplies and originally a Platrix Clamper. He was known for wearing a "Great Coat", falling in the fire and sleeping in his Ford Mustang all night with the engine running. He was a Charter Member.


4th Humbug / Deadsalmon #4 

5977 / 1972

X-Head Abbot 5995 / 5998

Sid Blumner 

Sid was an Economics Professor at Cal Poly, Pomona California. He was partially responsible for the founding of H.E.M.O.R.R.H.O.I.D. and the Vituscan Missionaries 4x4. He was a Sublime Noble Grand Humbug and TRASH Leader. He was originally a Platrix Clamper and a Charter Member.


5th Humbug / Deadsalmon #5   5978 / 1973

Ron Miller / Gone to the Golden Hills

Ron was an elementary school teacher and then an hotelier. He was originally a Platrix Clamper and a member of Board of Directors of the Death Valley 49ers as well as a Life Member. He was a charter member.


6th Humbug / Deadsalmon #6 

5979 / 1974

Pappy Calvert / Gone to the Golden Hills

Pappy was a retired Air Force Master Sergeant and a mason.


7th Humbug / Deadsalmon #7   5980 / 1975 - 5981 / 1976
Served 1.5 Years

Gabe Lobes / Gone to the Golden Hills
Gabe was a plumber and a local San Bernardino City businessman. He was the first Clamp Chef and cooked out of a converted telephone company utility wagon for many years.  He loved to play poker.


8th Humbug / Deadsalmon #8
Served 1/2 year


John Sugar / Gone to the Golden Hills
John was also originally a Platrix Clamper. He was a chiropractor, Ontario businessman. He claimed to have become a Clamper in Platrix in the 1930’s. He was a life member of the Death Valley 49ers and an advisor to that group. At 49er Days he could always be found at the Stovepipe Wells Campground selling memberships. He served 6 months to enable the chapter to have Humbugs terms start in January and end in December. He was a charter member.


9th Humbug / Deadsalmon #9   5982 / 1977


Floyd Shaw / Gone to the Golden Hills

Floyd was a Claremont businessman. He loved to play poker


10th Humbug / Deadsalmon #10


Frank Brommenschenkel /
Gone to the Golden Hills

Frank was from North Dakota and came to California via the air force where he was a commissioned officer. Frank was the first to serve lunch on Saturday. Until Frank was Humbug, the Chapter only served Saturday Dinner and Sunday Breakfast.


11th Humbug / Deadsalmon #11   5984 / 1979
James McMullen/ Gone to the Golden Hills

Jim "Mac" McMullen was a California native. Entered the U.S. Army Air Corps just out of high school and retired after 25 years.

He was a SAC pilot and he considered the most satisfying achievement of his military career was that his air crew was the first ever to successfully bail out of a B-47 (in North Africa). After retiring from the military he continued in government service (HUD) as a real estate appraiser. Mac was a charter member of Billy Holcomb Chapter and he considered the organization a very significant part of his retirement years.


12th Humbug / Deadsalmon #12

5985 / 1980

Dan Wing

He was a salesman and shortly after his year as humbug moved to Oregon where he still lives.


13th Humbug / Deadsalmon #13   5986 / 1981

George Spooner


14th Humbug / Deadsalmon #14

5987 / 1982

Dana Zanone

Became a Clamper in 1977 at Stove Pipe Wells.  Worked for Kaiser Steel in Fontana as an Industrial Engineer and in Napa as Operations Accounting Manager.  Moved on to become the Environmental, Quality and UN Lab Manager for Myers Container and now consults part time on environmental cleanup projects and property management.  Ran the burro race in Death Valley once under the alias of Yosemite Sam and put a plaque in Needles to the National Old Trails Highway (Route 66). 


15th Humbug / Deadsalmon #15   5987 / 1982

Tom Robinson

Became a clamper in 1977 at Camp Rock Springs.  Became humbug in 1982.  Erected the plaque at Big Bear Dam in 1982. Owned an insurance agency in Long Beach for 25 years.  Moved to the gold country of Utah in 1993.  Own a small country store.  Was appointed Justice Court Judge in the 6th judicial district of Utah in 2003. 


16th Humbug / Deadsalmon #16

5988 / 1983

Dave Meyers 

Worked at Disneyland for a while. Became inactive almost immediately after his term as Humbug.


17th Humbug / Deadsalmon #17

5989 / 1984

Dr. Bill Pearson
Attended San Diego State University and graduated from the School of Pharmacy at the University of Southern California in 1967 with a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree. He has owned a pharmacy in San Bernardino, CA. for over 45 years. He has been an active Clamper for over 40 years. Joining in 1976.


18th Humbug / Deadsalmon #18

5990/ 1985

Ken LeCourt / Gone to the Golden Hills

Involved in the RV industry. He hosted a party at his motor home when XSNGH Sid Blumner became Sublime Noble Grand Recorder. He was a veteran of the air force.


19th Humbug / Deadsalmon #19

5991 / 1986

Glenn Hearell


20th Humbug / Deadsalmon #20

5992/ 1987

Phil Porretta

Handled the paperwork through the State Office of Historic Preservation for our Chapter’s 9 Riverside County and 10 San Bernardino County California Registered Historical Landmark plaques. He also worked with the Riverside County Historical Commission for our Chapter’s 9 Riverside County Point of Historic Interest plaques.


21th Humbug / Deadsalmon #21

5993 / 1988

Tony Calabrese


22th Humbug / Deadsalmon #22

5994/ 1989

Oscar Gomez            

From the original Riverside group and was a career Air Force NCO.. He is responsible for part of the PBC entertainment being structured as it is. He retired after a second career with the post office and move to Maryland to be closer to his daughter and grandchildren.


23th Humbug / Deadsalmon #23

5995/ 1990

R. Wesley Beavers


24th Humbug / Deadsalmon #24

5996/ 1991


Jim Phillips


25th Humbug / Deadsalmon #25

5997/ 1992

Bill West

Owner of West Wood Works. Keeper of the List. Has made valuable contributions to past cook shacks. Loyal Clamper at Death Valley Encampment. Allowed Graybeards to meet at his shop and office in earlier years for Graybeards meeting.  


26th Humbug / Deadsalmon #26

5998/ 1993

Wade Kirloff / Gone to the Golden Hills
Was a USMC veteran of the Saipan campaign and never spoke of his service in WWII. He was active for a long time and constructed awning for trailers in parks.  He was a great clamper and very generous. He was close friends with Harold Tulledge.


27th Humbug / Deadsalmon #27

5999/ 1994

Harold Tulledge

Harold was known as “Nervous Nellie”. He was active in the insurance profession and was close friends with Wade Kirloff.


28th Humbug (Honorary, Served 1 Day)

5999/ 1994

Bob “Pops” Phillips / Gone to the Golden Hills

The first honorary Humbug. Was a WWII pilot who trained at Rice Army Air Field. His son Jim Phillips is an X Humbug. Bob was known for being a great man who was humble and had traveled much of the Southern California desert before roads were paved.


29th Humbug / Deadsalmon #28

6000/ 1995

Scott Robinson

Worked in the space program for Boeing. He was an avid wooden boat restorer and collector. He became inactive soon after being humbug.


30th Humbug / Deadsalmon #29

6001/ 1996

Pete Kovats / Gone to the Golden Hills

Known as “The Mad Hungarian”. He created the book of Pete. He held a clampout at the Salton Sea where the flies were in the billions. His nickname based on that event was “Lord of the Flies”. He was a “Jolly Good Fellow” and a great clamper.


31st Humbug / Deadsalmon #30

6002/ 1997

Mike Johnson


32nd Humbug / Deadsalmon #31

6003/ 1998

Mike Smith



33st Humbug / Deadsalmon #32

6004/ 1999

Jim-Bob Thompson

Became a Clamper in 1984 with Chapter 10 William Bull Meeks and / William Morris Stewart in Nevada City California.

Developed a costume of the Grim Reaper and would wear it at doins. Moved back into area in 1988 to be near family. Clamp Chef for many years.  Responsible for making Billy Holcomb known for its food among other things. Became Humbug. Leader in the American Legion and active air force veteran.  


34th Humbug / Deadsalmon #33

6005/ 2000


Dave Dutcher


35th Humbug / Deadsalmon #34

6006/ 2001

Howard Robinson

Computer Professional and a performing magician.  Howard was known best for his "Historification" of the "Old Moron Trail" and the perpetuation of Leverite.  Howard
also holds the distinction of "Most Miles Traveled" as a Humbug commuting from San Francisco to attend events and monthly meetings. Howard is currently on the Board of Umpqua Joe in Oregon where he now resides.



36th Humbug / Deadsalmon #35

6007/ 2002

Gary Jablecki

Bancroft Clampatriarch 2009_6014 edited

37th Humbug / Deadsalmon #36

6008/ 2003

Gary Bancroft


38th Humbug / Deadsalmon #37

6009/ 2004

Mansel Hutsell II


39th Humbug / Deadsalmon #38

6010/ 2005

Bob Green

System Operator for Southern California Edison Company and resident of the Morongo Basin.


40th Humbug (Served Honorary, 1 Day)

6010/ 2005

L.T. Gotchy / Gone to the Golden Hills

Clamper for over 50 years. WWII Veteran. Worked for the Automobile Club of Southern California. Had been everywhere there was to go in the desert. It can be truly said “Been there, done that”. Originally a Platrix Clamper, ECV is much better for having him as a member.


41st Humbug / Deadsalmon #39

6011/ 2006

James “JJ” Jackson

Joined Billy Holcomb Chapter when it was 12 years old. Depending on who you count, Jackson is Dead Salmon #39. The ladder to Humbug took him 9 years. Retired from management in the United States Postal Service. Served in US Army 1964-70. Fought in Viet-Nam as a rifleman with the Airborne Infantry. Established the 'Desert Strike' and six chapter 'Randsburg/Mojave Road monuments in 2006.


42th Humbug / Deadsalmon #40

6012/ 2007

Paul Renner

X Head Abbot #7.  TRASH Board.  Science Department Chair at Mary Star of the Sea High School, San Pedro, Ca.  Islander Sea Scout Ship 16.  Owner of the world's best dog.


43rd Humbug / Deadsalmon #41

6013/ 2008

Neal Samson   

Septic tank contractor/owner of Skunky Pumpers in Riverside County since 1982. Was inducted into the Chapter at the 2000 Spring Doins. First and hopefully the only PBC who attempted to set XSNGH Dr. Sidney Blumner on fire.

My Phone Pics 149

44th Humbug / Deadsalmon #42

6014/ 2009

Rick Gavigan

Business owner, Vietnam Veteran 68-69, Past Commander VFW Post 9624 01-04, Past Scout Master BSA Troop 89 Lake Arrowhead. He likes Clampin, great historians, good friends. Been places I'd have never thought of, or seen,  since the Chasm of Death and Despair.

Nash_NGH 2010 Billy's b-day

45th Humbug / Deadsalmon #43

6015/ 2010

Brian Nash

Investment manager and private banker. A native of Southern California. Humbug in 2010, Head Abbott 8 of Society of Vituscan Missionaries, member of the Dumbellican Brotherhood and presently is Sublime Noble Grand Recorder of the Board of Proctors of ECV.


46th Humbug (Served Honorary 1 day)

6015/ 2010

Verbal Holcomb / Gone to the Golden Hills

Big game hunter and an outstanding clamper. 


47th Humbug / Deadsalmon #44

6016/ 2011

Cass Ellsworth


48th Humbug / Deadsalmon #45

6017/ 2012

Doyal Teel

He was a horseman working with equine professionals internationally until settling down to begin working as an officer of the Billy Holcomb Chapter #1069.  Doyal lived for many years in the historic mining town of Silverado, CA.  With a great love of history it was the perfect setting to raise his two children with his wife.  Doyal was a member of the Bodie Chapter as well as a member of CARP and a frequent visitor of the Grand Counsel.


49th Humbug (Served Honorary 1 day)

6017/ 2012

Phillip Holdaway

Received Air Medal, Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross for service in Viet Nam. He graduated from Cal State University San Bernardino, employed at Caltrans. He became a Clamper with the Billy Holcomb Chapter in October 1986, and wrote the 20th, 25th and 35th Anniversary Plaque Books. 1st ECV Chapter to have a Plaque Book. Initiated a Plaque with U.S. Navy craft, the USS Portsmouth, SSN 707, a Los Angeles Class Fast Attack Submarine. Phil was appointed 1st Billy Holcomb ClampArchivist 1988 to 2010 and added names for 18 years to the L. Burr Belden Memorial, the list of deceased Holcomb members. Life Member of the Death Valley ‘49ers and Distinguished Flying Cross Society. 


50th Humbug / Deadsalmon #46

6018/ 2013

Dave Hicks / Gone to the Golden Hills

Moved Alta Loma CA in 1984 after a 22 year career as a USAF Officer.  After USAF retirement, he completed 17 years as an Aviation Program Manager/Director with Lockheed-Martin Aircraft Corporation.  During those two careers, he lived in 12 different US states and the Philippine Islands, Tokyo Japan, Republic of China (Taiwan) and Cordoba Argentina. In May 2004, Turbo was a PBC and became a Brother at Pioneertown.  He was the first Sous-Chef of Billy Holcomb.


51st Humbug / Deadsalmon #47

6019/ 2014

Steve Southern

Steve was a former Marine who raised a family as an electrician and still found time to become 51st Humbug.   He is one of the youngest members to become Humbug at 37 years old. 

Dustan Teel web

52nd Humbug / Deadsalmon #48

6020/ 2015

Dustan Teel

Dustan has worked his way through the chairs to be the 52nd Humbug of our Chapter. He has frequently attends and helps at Grand Council as well has had the opportunity to be the chef for our chapter and cooked for Grand council.  He is a Vituscan missionary, a HEMI member, also a member of the Bodie Chapter (with a lower numbered belt buckle than Doyal or Steve). Dustan's biggest pride in life is being the proud father of two beautiful girls and a great son.

Paul Cook Tudor House with Award

53st Humbug /Deadsalmon #49

6021/ 2016

Karl "Pretty Boy" White


Karl is a Southern California native who was brought into ECV in October 2000 and is also a proud member of the Squibob and Lost Dutchman Chapters. Karl has worked 35 years in the Aerospace industry in Government Trade Compliance. He and his wife, Jani, live in Crestline and when not Clamp’n, Karl races a B/Fuel Dragster in NHRA’s Heritage Series.


54th Humbug (Honorary Served 1 Day)


Riverside CA native, 32 years with County of Riverside, professional camper of western United States. Encouraged by his widder, sponsored by Jim Phillips to become an XPBC in May 1997, Ex Dead Abbott #5 known for leading the BEST DAMN Vituscan Trek (Salt Tram Summer 2003), XNGH Billy Holcomb Chapter, appointed NGH Floating Whang Chapter 2016 by SNGH Brian Nash. Bob suffers from an identity crisis after obtaining many different nick names such as; Bear Bait Bob, Skippy the Reloader, Flamingo Bob, Crack Head Bob, Chuck Wagon Bob, Gotta Go Bob along with many others. Bob has enjoyed many year of Clamping with many more years in Clamperdom to look forward to.



55th Humbug/Dead Salmon #50


Scott "Scooter Trash" Wall