Who We Are... What We Do...

The Billy Holcomb Chapter of E Clampus Vitus® is a fun loving,
irreverent group dedicated to the preservation and documentation
of the history of the west including native Americans, early settlers,
the Gold Rush and early 20th Century memoire.

E Clampus Vitus® boasts 46 Chapters and 6 Outposts
in 10 western States. Billy Holcomb is but one Chapter.

We work with private land owners, State agencies,
museums, the Bureau of Land Management, Chambers
of Commerce, historical societies and others as available
to research, verify and disseminate historical facts relating
to the places, events and people that built these Western United States.

Works include “major” and well known histories,
(i.e., the Patton Training Center encompassing large parts
of California and Arizona deserts, settlements in
Panamint & Death Valleys, Wyatt Earp’s former home in
San Bernardino, the Mojave and Old Spanish
Trails and other well documented sites and events.)

Works also include lesser known snippets of historical significance
(i.e. Speed of Light Experiments performed in the late 1920’s
by Dr. Alan Michelson near Riverside, Dr. June McCarroll who
is credited with the idea of divided highways near Indio
in 1917 and supposed UFO landing sites near Landers.)

Our members are encouraged to immerse themselves in
the history of the places we visit while we are present and
are required to respect the sanctity of the territory
we traverse and to enjoy themselves doing so.

The Billy Holcomb Chapter is based in San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

We have been in existence since October 1969 and
current membership is roughly 2401 individuals.

Events; we have a series of annual events that include the design and
installation of Historical Plaques at least twice annually within our
territory. These events can take up to two years to plan and execute.

In addition to the two events revolving around plaque dedications,
the Billy Holcomb Chapter holds twice annually organized
4x4 trips that are intended to provide a historical perspective to our members.

Additionally, we have an annual historically based road trip by
which we revisit existing plaques and areas of interest
so as to provide another educational experience for our members.

All of these events are researched in advance by amateur
historians within our group and attending members are
provided with written accounts of the significance of
the places we are visiting along with oral histories and site trips.

To date, the Holcomb Chapter has dedicated, built or installed over 170 such historical markers.

Members include professionals, skilled tradesmen,
retired persons, U.S. veterans and current members from
each branch of the U.S. Military and retired and active law enforcement.