54th Humbug (Honorary Served 1 Day) 6021/2016

October 3, 2016 Christopher Moran


Riverside CA native, 32 years with County of Riverside, professional camper of western United States.
Encouraged by his widder, sponsored by Jim Phillips to become an XPBC in May 1997, Ex Dead Abbott #5 known for leading the BEST DAMN Vituscan Trek (Salt Tram Summer 2003), XNGH Billy Holcomb Chapter, appointed NGH Floating Whang Chapter 2016 by SNGH Brian Nash.
Bob suffers from an identity crisis after obtaining many different nick names such as; Bear Bait Bob, Skippy the Reloader, Flamingo Bob, Crack Head Bob, Chuck Wagon Bob, Gotta Go Bob along with many others.
Bob has enjoyed many year of Clamping with many more years in Clamperdom to look forward to.